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Players use baseball rebounders to practise pitching and fielding. These devices are also useful to practise hitting and batting.

In this article, we look at some best-selling baseball rebounders on Amazon, claims made by the sellers, and feedback from buyers that will help decide whether these best-selling rebounders live up to their promise:

PowerNet Baseball Softball Practice Net 7×7 with Travel Tee ($99.99)

Claims by Seller

Train anywhere

This practice net is “great for outdoor and indoor use”. It is “perfect for hitting, pitching, batting, and fielding”. You can use it as a portable backstop. It is perfect for training sessions.

Easy quick set-up

You can set up the net in less than two minutes. You don’t need any tools. The unit includes “ground stakes for added stability”. The nets can withstand even the hardest hits.


This collapsible training net is lightweight making it easy to port it around and place it during practice sessions. It breaks down to fit in a carrying bag for easy long-term storage.

Feedback from Buyers


Easy to set up

Even a 13-year old can set up the net easily by himself/herself within five minutes.

Large pocket

The extremely large pocket to the net allows you to collect an entire five-gallon bucket of balls.

Steady and durable

No matter how close we are to the net or how hard we hit the ball, the net never topples. Even strong 15-year old batters haven’t knocked this one down yet. Top of the tee flexes, so little bats won’t destroy it. The material is super durable. The t-stand is a great one as well.

Useful strike zone attachment

The net comes with a useful strike zone attachment that attaches easily in seconds and helps with pitching practice. The top piece that holds the ball can hold any size ball. When you swing the top has enough give so that if you accidentally hit it, it won’t break or cause the tee to tip over.

Super light and portable

You can fit everything well in the bag without having to struggle. It is super light once everything is in and easy to carry around.

Perfect trainer for your backyard

The seven feet net is also perfect because the balls can go high. Easy to adjust the T up or down. Young players who need some eye/ball/bat work will love this.

Value for money

This net/tee combo is a fantastic deal at the price.


Tee and stakes are not durable

The tee is not durable for younger batters, nor is the plastic ring in the center on the foldable legs. The ring can break at attachment point, with just a half dozen low swings. A metallic sliding ring would make it a more durable batting tee. The rubber piece that holds the ball comes out after a dozen sessions or so. A bit flimsy, the stakes come out of the ground.

GoSports 7′ x 7′ Baseball & Softball Practice Hitting & Pitching Net with Bow Frame, Carry Bag and Bonus Strike Zone ($60.00)

Claims by Seller

Ultimate Training Aid

This is perfect for players of all abilities. Spend less time chasing balls and more time honing skills!

Foldable Set-up, Sturdy and Stable

Bow frame is included. The unit sets up in 90 seconds to huge 7-foot x 7-foot size with metal stakes to anchor the net, making it incredibly sturdy and stable; easily breaks down for transport in carry bag

Bonus Strike Zone Attachment

The bonus strike zone target for pitching drills can help develop command on the mound.

Feedback from Buyers

Good Trainer

It is perfect for back yard pitching and soft toss drills, as well as for working on a swing off a tee.

Well made, easy to assemble

This takes just two minutes to set up right out of the box. Hit balls into this to test its stability and it won’t budge. It will fit in your garage so your kids can practice in bad weather. The net itself holds up well and I did not need to weigh down the frame; it was sturdy.


Flimsy elements

The strike zone comes off after a few pitches. It’s held on my small Velcro strips. On the 5th setup the one elastic band tore out from the bottom of the net, rendering it unusable. There’s too much tension for these little elastic bands. The bag is thin and flimsy. The metal for the base is very thin and lightweight steel. The bungee cord that connects to the bottom corners are thin and not to be protected from rubbing with a rubber sleeve.

Rukket 7×7 Baseball/Softball Net ($74.99)

Claims by Seller

Durable and perfect for skill development

With 2X double thick netting, the heavy & sturdy frame make for greater stability when batting into the net.

Easy Set up

A unique fold-up design makes the net easy to set up so you can start practicing within minutes and waste less time chasing balls.

Lightweight and portable

The sturdy and stable yet lightweight net and frame collapse into the included carrying bag for easy transport and storage.

Feedback from buyers


Useful trainer

This is a good trainer for long throw accuracy, pitching and hitting.

Sturdy and durable

It is very sturdy and withstands abuse. The travel bag seems to be of good construction quality. The wide base and overall design keep the net upright.

Lightweight and easy to set up and take down

You can set it up on the field in under two minutes. It’s light enough to carry from home to truck to practice without strain.


Handles on carrying bag too long

The handles on the carrying bag are too long, making it hard to carry. If you sling it over your shoulders, after a few bounces it will rip the seam open.

Needs better knots around the pockets

The netting seems to be okay, but the knots around the pockets could be more attentive.

Plastic Pole mounts bend after use

After using for a few days, the rubbery plastic pole mounts that the side poles fit into in the base on each side are bent about 45 degrees.

The Final Verdict

The nets have received good reviews overall. But if the manufacturers paid attention to the minor issues brought out by buyers, they could be looking at even better sales.

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