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Given the quality of the sport in terms of strategy and competitiveness, the popularity of Lacrosse in the U.S. is not at all surprising. People interested in the game would want to improve their agility, balance and motor skills. They can achieve those goals by investing in a lacrosse rebounder.

This is a device designed to enhance stick handling skills while improving accuracy in passing and shooting. Players who wish to take their game to a higher level would need to ensure continual training. A lacrosse rebounder net that deflects balls at high speeds serves as the perfect training partner in the absence of another player to train with.

In this article, we look at some best-selling lacrosse rebounders on Amazon, claims made by the sellers, and feedback from buyers that will help decide whether these best-selling rebounders live up to their promise:

EZ Goal Professional Folding Lacrosse Throwback Rebounder, 8 Feet ($149.79)

Claims by Seller

Great Training Device

The telescoping frame adjusts the angle of the rebounder for high pops, grounders and line drives.

Rugged Build

This is a well-built unit that boasts a 1.5″ Powder coated 17-gauge steel frame with rigid construction.

Easy to Store

The unit has a “Rock Solid folding mechanism for storing flat.” Rounded corners allow rebounder to slide easily for storage.

Feedback from Buyers


Great Trainer

Big bounce back makes this perfect for lacrosse stick skills. It works great for some stick practice. It has a great bounce action. It is easy to adjust the angle.

Well-designed and Easy to Assemble

It takes only 15 minutes once the items are out of the box. Most of it is pre-assembled and the parts that require assembly are mostly just putting tubes together that snap into place with built in pins. There are two nuts with bolts and the tool needed comes with it.

You can fold it up and store it when it snows. It takes seconds: just pull a few pins, fold it, carry it.


The unit does not show any sign of wear even after it has been in the snow, rain and elements. 


Not for Beginners

You must throw it hard to get it back hard. This is not a bad thing, and it does force you to make stronger shots, but you should be aware of it if you have kids who are not hard on the ball yet.

Instructions Not Clear

The directions are not the easiest to follow.  You may have to get a trampoline tool to stretch the canvas.

Flimsy Straps

The outer trim of the rebounder (black trim where the logo is) has elastic straps with hooks that attach to the coils of the frame. Within two weeks two of those straps came off the trim. The straps are sewn in the trim but not sufficiently well to hold the straps once they are hooked into place.

Lacrosse Scoop Premium Lacrosse Rebounder ($99.99)

Claims by Seller

Fastest Way to Improve Your Game

Five different angles allow for rapid training and improvement. The unit can improve your grounders, line drives and pop ups.

Large Surface Area and Easy Adjustability

The rebounder is 4 feet wide by 6.5 feet tall giving over a 25 feet surface area. You can easily adjust tightness to ensure that you receive a strong bounce-back effect.

Great Value for Money

The unit is priced to deliver value. Enjoy similar quality to other rebounders costing 50-100% more.

Feedback from Buyers


Very Useful Training Tool

This is perfect for wall ball and practicing offensive drills.

Great Value for Money

This was very affordable and shipped fast.

Easy to Assemble and Use

You can assemble it in less than an hour. It comes with lots of bungees to adjust the net for your needs.

Champion Sports Deluxe Lacrosse Rebound Targets ($169.99 – $302.58)

Claims by Seller

Perfect Trainer

This unit is a ball-return bounce-back net set for professional, college and grade school training, and drills. You can practice offense, passing skills, and shooting accuracy. The shock absorbing surface provides the perfect return for practice receiving passes or scooping up a stray ball during play.

Adjustable Steel Frame

You can pass and shoot from any angle, practicing multiple rebound scenarios.

Easy to Set Up and Durable

This 3’w x 8’H target quickly and easily sets up this ball return for backyard or field practice. It is made with durable fabric that can withstand hard shots and daily practice

Feedback from Buyers


Good Trainer with Solid Bounce-back

The product itself seems to work as well as it’s intended to. If you hit it with the lacrosse ball, the ball will bounce back to you. If you hit the sweet spot it will come back even better. It really helps your stick skills. 

Well-designed and easy to assemble

The materials seem solid and assembly is easy. You just need to push the frame tubes together and it’s done. The bungees which hold the target over the springs are few and very easy to slip in place. The bounce is great, and the angle is easy to adjust. The unit collapses flat for winter storage (if necessary).


This is solidly built and durable. Most importantly, after many months of use, you will not see any noticeable drop in the amount of bounce.



Children find it hard to maneuver on their own. It can take two kids to cart around the yard, which kind of defeats the purpose. Will likely end up being “yard art.”

Can Topple

You may need sand bags to keep it from falling over on a windy day.

Poor Instruction Manual
The manual is not very clear.

The Final Verdict

Feedback from buyers reveals that these favorite rebounders largely fulfil the promises made by their sellers. However, all the feedback is not positive, and sellers would do well to look at areas of improvement suggested by actual users of their products. Such negative feedback, though not very substantial, can help boost product quality and buyer experience, and, in turn, push sales even higher.

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