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Sports Rebounders Buying Guide

Soccer rebounders help players to practice passing or kicking. Players would also find them useful to practice shooting at goal, as they can see precisely where they are hitting and how spin affects the ball. Even a goalkeeper can use a rebounder to help see which areas are hardest to defend and exercise those areas a bit more.

In this article, we look at some best-selling soccer rebounders on Amazon, claims made by the sellers, and feedback from buyers that will help decide whether these best-selling rebounders live up to their promise:

SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer ($102.86)

Exercise Master ControlThe rebounder simulates “the true-roll action of a real-life soccer game.” Repetitive action via continual practice will help players to achieve the precision they need.

Pass Like a ProPlayers can practice volleys and half-volleys “with both instep and laces as in an actual game” until they begin to pass like a pro.

 Portable yet DurableThe lightweight unit takes mere minutes to set up or take down. It can be easily transported and is still “durable enough to withstand the hardest passes”.


Helps Specific Skills – The unit is good for volley training and helps improve first touch passing. The trainees can work on specific skills. They can train their reflexes with follow-ups after shooting as the ball rebounds at them. The training can range from position-specific skills to simple technical exercises. Importantly, the rebounder frees up a coach from having to include wall passes in a drill. It is best suited for younger kids and recreational players.

Portable – The rebounder is portable and light-weight; it is easy to assemble and takes just about five minutes to do so.


Ball Gets Stuck Under Netting – The ball tends to get stuck under the netting and negates passing skill practice, as the player must retrieve the ball often. On the higher side of the rebounder, the ball tends to roll along the netting and falls 1-3 feet from the net. This affects the volley training aspect.

Construction of Average Quality – The construction is of average quality. The poles are made of fiberglass. Fiberglass bends, allowing better rebound quality than aluminum. However, the “give” of fiberglass tends to slow down the rebound. The unit needs stakes to hold it in place.

Franklin Sports Adjustable Soccer Rebounder ($24.76 – $217.29)

Claims by Seller

Devised to Perfect Your Kicking and Trapping Skills

You can use this rebounder to develop your kicking and trapping skills. It is an “adjustable system that allows for 90–45° angle ground or air ball return.”

Well Designed, Sturdy and Durable

The unit is sturdily built with heavy-duty steel tubing. It has a PE net with a built-in target and a bungee cord.

Feedback from Buyers


Very Useful Training Tool

The unit is great for shooting practice and has a great rebound. It is adjustable. You can turn it around and use it as a regular goal. it to practice goalkeeping. He kicks hard from about 20 feet out at slight angles, and then must move quickly to cover the rebound. The ball comes off the rebounder at surprisingly strong and fast pace. This is useful for kids who need extra touches to improve their passing/trapping/shooting, and general foot coordination. Kids stand to benefit the most, but advanced players can benefit as well.

Sturdy Build

It has sturdy 1.5” steel tubes and no rust even after a year of buying. The net and poles are durable sturdy and firm.

Lightweight and Easy to Set Up

Light enough for kids to move it around easily. Relatively easy to set up and takes about 30 minutes to assemble.

Great Value for Money

This is the best rebounder in its price range.


Not Portable Enough

The unit barely fits into an SUV and leaves no space for passengers in the rear. The manufacturer could have made it foldable.

Some Flimsy Parts

The black elastics attached to the net break easily. The rebounder doesn’t feel like super high quality. The stakes holding the net last for only 10 minutes. The pegs provided are not enough when the ball strikes the metal frame. Unless you use the included stakes, the rebounder tends to tip over for harder shots, and shots that hit the frame, especially when the rebounder is in a more reclined position.

Assembly Instructions Unclear

Assembly instructions were somewhat difficult to read, especially when connecting the top frame to the base.

Tekk Trainer Rebounder Goal ($171.79)

Claims by Seller

Perfect Training Provider for Every Aspect of Game

This rebounder is perfect for field players and goalkeepers. You can practise passing, shooting, trapping and heading. You can also improve your weaker foot and increase leg strength. The angle adjusts to seven positions for all-round training.

Large, Durable and Portable

This is the “strongest and largest portable trainer on the market,” built to last for years. The unit sets up in two minutes

Feedback from Buyers


Trains All-round Skills

The rebounder helps improve footwork, ball control and body movements. Players can be trained in multiple aspects of the game for different positions. They can do hand drills and trapping drills. They can improve their reaction speed and even practice alone in a short space. The angle of the rebounder can be changed with quick adjustments of two locking pins.

Sturdy and Durable

The device is large and heavy and made of aircraft grade aluminum. It is durable and the net holds up well even after a year of abuse. The unit is sturdy and doesn’t break down. It is beautifully engineered and built to last.


Design Issues

This is a one-sided rebounder that cannot be used as a practice goal. The metal bar at the bottom kills ball speed and the ball doesn’t return well. Thus, ground passes don’t work very well. While the net is taut and facilitates faster and farther rebounds than comparable products, buyers should have been given a lax net option. Although the build quality is sturdy, the black foot pads tend to fall off.

Portability and Assembling Issues

The unit is not very portable and hard to assemble. The hardest part of assembling involves the net. The rebounder is hard to move out of the way; the manufacturer should provide flip wheels to make it more mobile. Assembly instructions are not very clear.

The Final Verdict

Feedback from buyers reveals that these favorite rebounders largely live up to their sellers’ claims. However, there are certain issues that if sorted out could make for an even better buyer experience.



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