Do Soccer Rebounders Work?

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If you are interested in sharpening your soccer skills, there are very few pieces of training equipment that will stand against a soccer rebounder. These wonderful items are effective for every position on the team and can be used in team practice or to practice team-based skills at home alone.

They are built a lot like a soccer goal, but instead of simply catching the ball that is kicked in, the netting reacts and throws it back out. This means that you can practice your accuracy, speed, shooting power, and placement without needing someone there to help you and without spending extra effort in retrieving the ball yourself.

To ensure that you choose the best rebounder for your personal needs, there are a few features you need to consider. We will discuss these in detail below.


The first thing you need to consider when buying a soccer rebounder is the size. You can find them in a variety of sizes, depending on your needs/wants as a player. When you are considering the size you need, you’ll need to focus on the age of the players who will be using it, as well as the aspects of the game they most need to practice.

For example, a smaller rebounder is great for practicing accuracy. However, the kicking power of an older player might be a bit much and would end up knocking it over all the time. In addition, think about how portable you want it to be. There are some models that break down quickly; these typically have the smaller nets.


You should choose a soccer rebounder that has a sturdy, strong frame that can handle kick after kick. You can find fiberglass and plastic rebounders, which have many great qualities, such as being lightweight and flexible. However, since they are so lightweight, they typically fall over more often. Still, these are a great option for low-impact kicks and for young players.

Most soccer rebounders are made of metal, typically steel or aluminum. A metal frame is much sturdier and can handle a wide variety of kick strengths. A rebounder with a metal frame allows you to effectively test your kicking power.

Try to find a rebounder that features rounded tubing and an all-weather coating. A rounded frame is easier on the ball and you’ll avoid any potential ruptures. The all-weather coating allows you to leave it set up outside because it protects it from the elements, so it doesn’t degrade or rust.

Finally, you don’t necessarily have to choose a rebounder with a T-shape. You should try to find one with various angles and components that are adjustable. This will help to mix up the return paths of your ball. The ability to create various angles helps to prepare you for various situations. After all, not every pass/kick will come right to you.


Another thing to think about is the netting on your rebounder. Try to find a rebounder featuring all-weather netting. Like the frame, it will be able to withstand the elements. Plus, since it has a small, tight weave, it creates better reactions and allows you to use smaller soccer balls for training.

In addition, look closely at the rebounding material. Most soccer rebounders have springs or bungee cords to offer the netting some tension. This is where the rebounding comes from. Both are great, but a spring is much more efficient because it can stand up to weather conditions. Bungee cords can break down when exposed to the elements and are much more prone to losing elasticity. However, both the springs and the bungee cords are easy to replace, so your choice depends on what exactly you need/want from your rebounder.

Multi-Purpose Rebounder

If you need to practice several different soccer drills in a session, the less equipment you have to deal with, the better. You will find that some rebounders can double as a soccer goal, which makes them perfect for these sessions.

When it comes to the multi-purpose rebounders, the net is stretched across the front of the goal and attached with springs/bungees. There are multiple openings in the net which allow the ball to pass through. These are great for scoring reps and accuracy drills. Any shots or kicks that are errant will be returned by the rebound net.

As you can see, the answer to the question ‘do soccer rebounders work?’ is a resounding yes. They can be used in a variety of practice situations to practice a variety of skills. Keep these things in mind when you purchase a rebounder so that you can get yourself ready for the season.

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