EZGoal Multi-Sport Folding Rebounder Net

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  • Quick to set up
  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • Sturdy net


  • Net is difficult to attach


This rebounder is versatile. No matter how many children you have or what their sports choices, this is a great option.

If you are looking for the perfect soccer rebounder to keep your budding sports star or stars occupied, then look no further. The EZGoal Multi-Sport Folding Rebounder Net is a multi-sport rebounder that is great for soccer, lacrosse, baseball and even football practice.

It is practical, light weight; it is any child’s dream gift as many professionals use it to stay on top of their game. The only way to better yourself is by practicing, but that is not always easy when it comes to sports like soccer, baseball, softball, and lacrosse. These are sports that are best practiced as a team or a minimum of two people who can either throw or kick the ball to each other.

Another obstacle for some is the small practice space that they have available, so even if you have two people, it is difficult to get any meaningful practice in. The EZGoal rebounder net makes it possible to practice in a small area and on your own. No more waiting for someone to find the time to practice with you; practice when you want wherever you want.

Let’s have a look at some of the features it offers.


Compact and lightweight, this multi-sport soccer rebounder is perfect to pack up and go. You can easily use it at home, at practice, on vacation or in the park. You can quickly position your net with the easy-adjust twist-and-slide tilting system. Once folded, the net is only 4-inches high, which is achieved by pulling two pins – great for storage and travel.

With high UV protection, the top-quality net is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and balls of up to 90mph without ripping or tearing.

The heavy-duty commercial-grade steel frame has been powder coated making it rust resistant. Even the fastest balls will do little more damage than a few scuff marks.

Quick and easy assembly using the precision fit connections that do not require any tools. Spend less time assembling and more time having fun.

Can be used for multi-sports such as lacrosse, the center strike zone that has been marked out will help you improve your accuracy. It can also be used to practice tennis.

For baseball it will help you practice, throwing, catching, and improve the speed and accuracy of your pitching. Adjust the tilt of the net to change up how the ball rebounds to practice grounders, high pops, or straight-line drives.

It functions best as a soccer rebounder to practice passing, trapping, shooting, and heading. The rebound is extremely responsive and sends the ball back in game time giving you an effective training session.


  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Adjustable tilt for different sports and different skills
  • Multi-sport rebounder including baseball, softball, lacrosse, and soccer
  • Constructed of heavy-duty powder coated steel
  • Weather resistant and UV protected
  • Responsive, tough net can handle balls up to 90mph
  • Practice alone or with friends
  • Superior, high-quality net


The EZGoal is said to be quick and easy to assemble; however, some people find it a bit difficult to attach the net and recommend that it be done by two people


As an all-rounder rebounder net, this seems to be a very popular choice among many. Overall it is highly rated, and the only negative is that some seem to find the net difficult to attach. The best way to overcome this is to follow the instructions and ask someone to assist you, or you may be investing in another soccer rebounder net.

A great selling point for this rebounder is its versatility. No matter how many children you have or what their sports choices, this will definitely satisfy them all. There is really no limit to what you can do with this rebounder net; besides using it as a soccer rebounder, baseball, softball, and lacrosse rebounder many people have confirmed that it works perfectly well to practice tennis as well.

Children need to stay active to be healthy, and what better way than to give them a multi-sport rebounder net. It is a sure way to get them outdoors and becoming more active and getting the chance to discover which sport they enjoy and are passionate about.

As far as rebounders go, this one ticks all the boxes as it is affordable; in fact, it is very well priced if you consider that you are getting an all-in-one multi-sport rebounder at one reasonable price.

It does everything that you would want a soccer rebounder to do and much more, easily satisfying everyone’s needs. Don’t let the simplistic look of this net fool you into thinking it is not what you are looking for; it might be simple but is extremely versatile and it may just be the perfect soccer rebounder that you have been looking for.

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