Open Goaaal Soccer Goal Rebounder – Standard Size

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5/5 on May 7, 2018

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  • Minimal effort to set up
  • Ideal for youth and professionals
  • Steel poles and anchors for extra strength


  • Not portable. Must be in a fixed location


The strength and durability of this soccer rebounder are two of its strongest selling points.


If you are tired of your kids sitting on the couch all day watching endless shows or playing Xbox or PlayStation, then the Open Goaaal Football Goal Rebounder may just be exactly what you need. Children of today tend to be very lazy and are inclined to become couch potatoes from a young age. With technology progressing at a rapid rate, the number of channels or the latest game is a much greater attraction than playing outdoors.

Children get bored quickly playing on their own outdoors, so would rather opt to sit in front of the TV or computer. This is not good for the youth of today, with many being inactive and prone to illnesses and obesity.

Children need to be active and play outdoors to grow and learn; it is also healthy for them. Open Goaaal is the perfect gift to get your kids off the couch and out into the sunshine. Whether you have one child or more, they are guaranteed to have fun.

Open Goaaal has taken soccer rebounders to the next level and created the ultimate backyard soccer trainer. Let’s take a look at some of its features.


The space-saving features of the Open Goaaal soccer rebounder what makes it an attractive choice for many. No more having to take it apart and pack it away when you are done or having to spend 30 minutes setting it up before you can play. You can put it up once and leave it up. If you need it out the way the net can simply be folded away to either side, like opening a curtain. Quick and easy.

Another great feature is the size of the rebounder net. You have the actual goal that is then surrounding by a large black net. It comes in two sizes to allow you to choose the one that will best suit your yard.

It is built and designed to last with 1.5mm steel poles, metal sockets, and metal anchors. The 45-ply and bungee net can take a hammering and each ball will rebound perfectly keeping you or the kids going for hours. The net is strong enough to be used by pros and adults as well.

The black outer net will prevent balls from causing damage to windows and from going over the wall, so no more grumpy neighbors. The standard size is 2.0m deep and between 5.3m and 8.3m wide (6′ 6″ deep, and 17’6″-27’ wide) with a total height of approximately 3.75m; the large size is 2.3m deep, and between 10.5m and 8.5m wide (7′ 6″ ft deep, and 28’-34’ wide) with a height of 8.9m.

The Open Goaaal is easy to set up with the ground pegs for the guide ropes below the surface of the lawn so that you can walk on top or mow over them if you need to so – no more having to work around it or move it every time you want to mow the lawn.


  • Very quick and easy to set up
  • Two sizes to choose from depending on the size of your garden
  • Black outer net prevents the ball from going over the wall into neighbor’s yard. No more broken windows
  • Rebounds perfectly every time so kids will be hooked and play outdoors for longer
  • Strong enough for use by adults and pros
  • Steel poles and anchors for extra strength with 45-ply net
  • No need to set up and take down after each session
  • Net slides to either side like opening a curtain
  • Perfect to use in your garden or at a training academy
  • The ultimate soccer rebounder


Must be set up in a permanent location. It is not made for traveling, so not a soccer rebounder that you will be able to take on vacation or your next camping trip.


Open Goaaal has certainly shown that they are serious competitors for the best soccer rebounder on the market. The strength and durability of this soccer rebounder are two of its strongest selling points.

It is designed to be set up in a permanent location and they have purposely made it difficult to take apart so that you don’t have to take it down after every training session. The net can easily be moved to either side if you need it out the way. The curtain-like opening and closing net is extremely practical and therefore, there is no need to take it down.

If you are looking for a soccer rebounder for your yard or for training sessions at the local soccer club, the Open Goaaal Football Goal Rebounder is a great choice, with a perfect rebound every time, and strong enough to withstand smashes from a pro. Surprise your kids at Christmas or on their birthday with an Open Goaaal rebounder and it will be the end of the couch potatoes.

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