Open Goaaal Soccer Goal Rebounder – Large Size

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5/5 on May 8, 2018

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33 reviews


  • Prevents Bad shots from breaking windows or causing Damage
  • More practice time with the integrated Rebounding net.
  • Size is adjustable
  • Netting is removable for added space.


  • Cannot be easily moved to different locations.


Great Rebounder for all ages. Easy to have extended practice times and reach peak playing abilities.

One of the best Soccer Rebounders of all time has been upgraded to a larger size. The Open Goaaal Rebounder is now larger than its brother the Standard size Open Goaaal Rebounder. This new Rebounder keeps many of the same features with a larger rebounder net that stretches 29Ft. from one end to end. The Goal has also been upgraded to 16 Ft. wide by 7 Ft. tall. This goal + rebounder will be useful during spring and summer camps and for many parents who have larger backyards.

If you need a rebounder and goal to train during the offseason Open Goaaal offers you the best option. With the larger goal, you can really test the limits of your shots. The rebounder will also help with high-intensity ball control techniques. And just like the Standard size, the Large Open Goaaal is easy to set up. You can also slide the net out of the way while not in use.

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