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A soccer rebounder is a great piece of sports equipment that will help you to enhance your soccer skills both individually and as a team. One of the major benefits of this equipment is that you can develop your team-based skills during individual practice, which has always been challenging.

The following are a few soccer rebounder drills to use during your practice.


The very first skill you learn when you play soccer is how to pass the ball, and it’s also something that you should keep practicing so that you can make sure you are playing at the most appropriate level for you. Passing is a skill that is used throughout the entire game.

If it is being played well, soccer is based on possession of the ball and not territory. Therefore, you must be sure that you and your team are able to maintain possession of the ball with control and passing.

Passing drills are basic drills and can be used to warm up. After all, it’s much better if you can warm up with the ball instead of simply running around the field. This will allow you to get a feel of your passing before the game. Plus, you’ll have an advantage over the players who are cold and have not made any passes before the game.

The drill is quite simple, but it does help build your muscle memory. That is, you are training your brain to understand what a good pass feels like.

Volleyed Passing

You can use your soccer rebounder to bring your passing to the next level. For example, try volleyed passing and the best way to do it with both the top and sides of your feet. The equipment returns the ball to you in the air, which allows you to follow the first pass, returning with a volleyed one.

The way the ball is returned to you can be adjusted using a variety of adjustments and angles. This allows you to develop a broad spectrum of control/touches during your practice sessions.

You’ve been taught that repetition is the best way to develop a skill. This statement applies to heading the ball because it’s so unnatural. The more you are able to head the ball in practice, the easier it will be during the game.

You might even consider introducing some cones that you can dribble around. If done properly, you will also be able to drive the ball and finish by heading the ball. This will help you improve your game as well as your overall fitness.


The best thing to do when you are using a soccer rebounder in practice is to let your imagination be your only limit. This will help ensure that you and your team develop into better players. Your soccer rebounder can be used to develop:

Goalie skills

While it should be obvious, a soccer rebounder offers many benefits for those who play the position of goalie. In fact, there are many goalie coaches who are using soccer rebounders innovatively to build some amazing practice sessions.

A soccer rebounder allows you to test a variety of goalie skills, from the ground skills they need to pass the ball to reflex skills/saving the ball, and evenly distributing throwing vs. kicking.

Once again, you can use a soccer rebounder to practice your skills alone at home or you can use it with your team at practice. That is what makes them such great pieces of sports equipment.

All-around skills

Of course, this is just a tiny sampling of the various soccer rebounder drills that are available for you and your team. Just let your imagination be your guide and you’ll come up with lots more drills that you can use. The most important things to keep in mind are what areas you need to improve upon in your game and then work backwards. Do you need to practice first touch, shooting, heading, or passing?

Perhaps you need a combination of all of them as you should be working on your overall game. Regardless of your personal situation, a soccer rebounder will allow you the opportunity to work alone on your team-based skills to improve. The ways you do that are completely up to you.

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