New Soccer Training Goals and Nets


Whilst one of the beauties of soccer is that you do not need a lot of equipment to play it, if you want to practice your shooting, you will need a goal with which to practice. Furthermore, it should come with a net so that unnecessary time is not spent chasing after errant balls in a backyard or in the park.

There are many different soccer training goals and nets on the market, to suit all needs and budgets. Here are some of the best. 

SKLZ Quickster Portable Soccer Goal

This product is specifically designed for those individuals who want to practice their passing and control on their own, as opposed to shooting, for example. It consists of two nets which are erected parallel to each other, joined by a simple frame. The smaller one in front is 6 * 4 feet, whilst the larger one behind measures 6 * 20 feet.

With this product, players can learn to practice volleys and half-volleys with their instep and their laces and to improve control with their feet, thighs, and chest. 

This rebound goal is very easy to assemble and set-up, and, whilst very lightweight, is durable at the same time and can be used continuously for practice sessions. 

GOLME Pop-Up Pro Soccer Goals

This product is designed for instant practice wherever somebody finds themselves – in a park, in their backyard, or even on a beach.

The Goals are highly portable and durable and, uniquely, they twist and pop-up so that they can be used instantly. And, when somebody has finished with them, they just twist them flat again for easy storage and transportation. When stored in a bag they are about 1.5 times the size of an average tennis racquet. 

They come in three sizes which are aimed at players of different ages and skill levels. The smaller models are better for the development of skills like touch and accuracy, whereas the biggest one in the range is more suited to small-sided games with other players

The Goals incorporate x-strong frame, but, to provide added stability, multi-grip stakes are also provided. 

A convenient carrying case is supplied with this product

PowerNet 12*6 Soccer Goal

Whilst this is not full-size, at 12 by 6 feet, this is very large for a portable soccer training goal. It is light and easy to assemble – no tools are required. The base is made of strong and durable aluminum, whilst the four poles are made of tough and long-lasting fiberglass material, which features a bow-shaped design. The net is also thick and durable and made of quality material, which means that it can withstand even the fiercest of shots.

This goal can be used both indoors and outdoors, with ground stakes provided if needed. It comes complete with bungee cord attachments which are slipped around the front poles, enabling the user to put the ground stakes in place easily.

The goal also comes with a heavy-duty carry bag which easily slips shut and features convenient should strap to make it simpler to carry.

Sport Squad Portable Soccer Goal Net

These portable lightweight goals and net, allow children and other players to train anywhere, whether it is the backyard, on the beach, or in a local park. They are collapsible and lightweight, and the set includes 2 nets and heavy-duty steel support stakes for keeping a net in place, however, windy the day. They come in a convenient compact rectangular carrying bag, complete with a shoulder strap for easy transportation. The nets are self-assembly and erect themselves by springing open, and the net stays upright because the poles are simply inserted in the sides. 

AmazonBasics Soccer Goal

This goal comes in a choice of two sizes p 12 feet * 5 feet * 6 feet, or, for younger players, 6 feet * 3 feet by 4 feet. It features durable construction that can withstand frequent use and fierce shots, and is easy to assemble, and then take down again and store. The goal and net come with a carry bag that makes it easy to transport.

Franklin Sports Competition Soccer Goal

This goal comes in two size options again – 12 * 6, and 6 * 4, which are available in two color options, black or silver. This goal is incredibly durable and strong, because it is made out of steel, and unlike many soccer training goals, it is not designed to be portable. Instead, it is intended to be assembled and placed in a single location, such as a backyard, or training pitch. It comes with a tough and durable net intended to withstand all weather conditions. Four ground stakes are provided with the goal to help anchor it to the ground. 

MGA Easy Score Set

Designed for young children who are just learning to play soccer, this goal comes with all they need to get started, including a soccer ball and pump. The goal is made of high-quality plastic and can be taken down and stored away once it has been used, ready for the next time.  All the components are easy to handle because they are small in size. 

Bazooka Goal Solid Frame Pop Up Goal

Bazooka goals have such a good reputation that major soccer and futsal clubs around the world use them for training purposes, and small-sided touch games. They can also be used in a backyard, or in a local park. This goal measures 4 by 2.5 feet and is made of heat, heat-resistant PVC. It consists of a spring-loaded compact telescoping frame, a safety feature that ensures that, in the event that somebody runs into it, the frame collapses. This helps avoid injury. The frame will then pop right back up again afterward.

Despite the fact that this is a pop-up goal it does not need to be pegged down, even in heavy wind or rain, and it is built to absorb hard shots. And, when folded down it is very compact and light and is easy to transport.

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