Soccer Training Nets 2019 Edition


Soccer training nets are ideal pieces of equipment for anybody who wants to practice their shooting in their backyard at home, or in their local park. Normally they are easy to assemble and set-up, lightweight, making them easily transportable, and often designed in such a way that the ball rebounds automatically to a player. That means that players can practice without the need for a goalkeeper, and without wasting unnecessary time picking the ball out of the back of the goal each time they take a shot.

Here are some of the best soccer training nets currently available.

DIMPLES EXCEL Portable Soccer Goal

The DIMPLES Excel portable goal is designed to withstand the strongest of kicks and is built to last. Each goal consists of a fiberglass frame made of composite materials, with a high strength-to-weight ratio, enabling them to bear enhanced stress levels. The netting meanwhile is made of durable Dacron material, which is twice as thick and strong as average goal netting. 

Each goal is easy to set-up and folds away again, relying on a simple twist mechanism to open them out, and then put them away again after use.

They are sold in packs of two 4 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet goals, which are painted orange with black trim. Also provided are 8 steel ground pegs to help anchor the goals to the ground. Lightweight, they are easy to transport, folding up into a fan-shape with a radius no greater than 30 inches. A carry case with a strap is also provided. 

GoSports Portable Pop-Up Soccer Goals

This soccer goal set includes two pop-up goals – which, depending on the age of the player are available in different sizes – as well as training cones, and stakes to keep the goals tethered to the ground.  They can be used for individual training as well as small-sided games, and require no assembly because of their “pop-up” nature. This means that they can be set-up and taken down in seconds, and stored in the travel case provided.

The goals themselves are made from premium nylon fabric and netting which means they can withstand even the hardest of shots.  The fabric is also reflective, enabling the goals to be used in low light conditions.

The goals are available in three sizes – users can choose between 2.ft., 4 ft. and 6 ft. width sizes – and fold flat, and weigh less than three pounds in total.

J-Goal Regulation Size Portable Soccer Goal

This highly adaptable waterproof soccer goal is suitable for players of all ages and abilities and is designed to allow the practice to take place on both sides of the goal at the same time. It features unbreakable poles designed to absorb the hardest of kicks and netting which can be adjustable to allow players to work on different skills like ball control and first touch. 

It weighs less than 15 pounds, which means that is lightweight, and can easily be transported in the carry bag provided.

It takes less than five minutes to assemble and is collapsible, which means it is easy to take down again when the practice is over. 

GOLME PRO Training Soccer Goal

The Golme Training Goal features a one-piece frame design comprising 6000 series aluminum poles and elasticated netting which makes it durable and sturdy, This also makes it easy to set-up, and takedown again after use. Two metal stakes are provided to fasten it to the ground.

Although this goal is not as lightweight as some competing offers, it still easy to transport and folds up compactly for easy transportation.  It is available in three sizes depending on the age and ability of the players who intend to use it: 6.ft 5 inches by 18 ft. 5 inches for ages 11 and under; 7 ft. 2 inches by 18 ft. for all ages; and 8 ft. by 24 ft. for ages 12 and above. 

ANCHEER Portable Soccer Goal Net

This quick to set-up soccer net is 12 ft. wide by 6 ft. tall is suitable for both children and adults. It is equipped with a heavy-duty metal base which makes it very strong and capable of dealing with the hardest shots. Unusually, it features a curved steel pipe base which allows it to be used on uneven ground; 4 U-Peg anchors are also supplied to help secure it to the ground.

The netting consists of strong polyester 5 ply sewing thread, which is attached to the frame of the goal with nylon hooks. 

The goal is easy to install and set-up – users just need to extend the bottom base pipe to its maximum length when it springs locks into place.  When players have finished with it, the goal can be taken down in minutes, without the need for any tools, and then stored and transported in the bag provided. 

SKLZ Quickster Soccer Goal

This portable soccer goal features an ultra-durable design for high-intensity training, using tension-tight frame technology, with a back bar that is bowed upwards to add tension to the net. It is equipped with strong 2 ply netting, which is attached with Velcro, and easy connection click-lock tubing, meaning that it can be both set-ups and disassembled within two minutes.  It is lightweight and easy to transport. 

These goals are available in three sizes – 6 ft. by 4 ft.; 8 ft. by 5 ft.; and 12 ft. by 6 ft.. and are highly portable.

PowerNet Portable Soccer Goal

The PowerNet Goal is very lightweight and very portable and is renowned for its durability. It is built using a metal base whilst the uprights are constructed out of fiberglass which can bend as the extremes of play dictate, and which also help to absorb the power of shots, allowing the ball to fall back out of the net. They also keep the net securely in place.  Stakes are provided to help keep the goal up, even in windy conditions. It is easy to pack this goal away after use and store it compactly for the next time. 

Easy to assemble, it can be set-up in less than two minutes

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