The Best Soccer Goals for Practice of 2019


While soccer goals come in all shapes and sizes, they tend primarily to be made of two sorts of material – plastic and metal, principally aluminum. 

Plastic goals are lightweightportable, and easy to install, often with the use of some sort of anchor in the turf or pitch. They are usually simple to fold and store and are frequently collapsible. They are ideal for a training session, and youth players and are cheaper to buy than metal ones.

However, they are less durable and sturdy than metal equivalents, and, as a result, are not suited to organized matches or leagues. Metal goals are also designed for permanent or semi-permanent assembly and installation.

There are also three generic types of soccer goal – goals without depth, those with depth, and box goals.

The most straightforward design are goals without depth, with a single crossbar at the top, and a net hanging down behind. As the name suggests, there is very little room for the goalkeeper or other players to defend from within the goal itself.

That contrasts with goals with depth, which has a single crossbar, tow posts, and two sidebars at a 90-degree angle to the posts. They are more durable and tend to be made of metal, or heavy-duty plastic.

Box goals are the type found in professional leagues and offer the most amount of space in the goal itself. They consist of a box frame over which the net is draped. 

Here are some of the best practice soccer goals currently available.

Bownet Soccer Goal

Specially designed for youngsters, this goal comes in a variety of sizes and uses Bownet’s proprietary EAS (Energy Absorption Technology). This helps distribute energy from a ball throughout the goal, adding flexibility upon impact, while providing more balance and stability.

It has a patented tough steel base, composite tension poles which, as the name suggests, bend outwards, and a resilient nylon net

One of the significant advantages of this goal is that it is effortless to set it up – no tools are required and, in just a few minutes, it can be ready to be used. It can equally be taken down quickly and stored away in the bag provided.

The goal can be erected on any surface, provided that it is deep enough and sufficiently weighted. This means it is suitable for the backyard, training pitch, and indoor gym, as required. 

When it comes to soccer practice goals, the Bownet range of products is considered the top of the market when it comes to quality, although they are relatively expensive by comparison. 

PowerNet Soccer Goal, Portable Bow Style Net

This lightweight and portable goal can be used both indoors and out, and comes complete with a heavy-duty carrying case with shoulder straps, and includes a bungee cord to tie everything together, making for secure storage. It consists of a base frame made with weighted metal, with bow-shaped vertical poles which are made of fiberglass and have been designed to absorb even the hardest of shots.

It is easy to assemble and take down again and comes in a variety of sizes.

OUTROAD Portable Soccer Goal

The OUTROAD Portable Soccer Goal is ideal for both improvised backyard and formal soccer training sessions. 

Consisting of a base leg, heavy-duty fiberglass frames, and four ground stakes to anchor it, this goal comes in two sizes – 12 by 6 feet, and 6 by 4 feet. It features a net made of 600D Oxford fabric, and 5-ply netting means that it can cope with the force of all shots. 

This goal is lightweight and portable, comes with a carrying case, and is easy to set-up and disassemble afterward. Despite this, it is very sturdy, which makes it an ideal practice goal, irrespective of the standard of the player using it.

It is also designed for hard use and all weather conditions, meaning that it can be left out in a backyard with no fear of rust, even if it rains.

Lifetime Adjustable Soccer Goal

Designed for children and young players specifically, this goal features a telescoping feature and locking pins so that the height and width can be adjusted. This means that users can choose between three different sizes, ranging from three to five feet high, and four to seven feet wide.

This goal comes with a frame, net, five anchor hooks, and extra net straps, and is very sturdy and firm when erected. Because it is made of 18 gauge power-coated steel and heavy-duty nylon netting, it is both weather and rust-resistant and can be left out in a yard in all weathers. 

It is easy to transport and to store when folded down.

Net World Sports FORZA Soccer Goal

The FORZA soccer goal is renowned for its sturdiness – this is because the frame consists of 2.7 inches wide uPVC, which is exceptionally durable. And the frame pieces lock together which makes for added strength.

The model comes in five sizes, ranging from the Mini Target (3 * 2 feet), all the way up to the largest which measures 12 * 6 feet.

Simple to assemble, this goal comes complete with ground anchor pegs, net clips, and 2.5 mm heavy-duty net, which is weatherproof.

Despite its firmness, this goal is light and easy to transport. This goal is suitable both for training pitches and the backyard.

Franklin Sports Folding Steel Soccer Goal

This goal is ideal for young players who are just getting to grips with the game in their backyard. The frame is made with durable black powder-coated steel, while the net attaches to it using self-adhesive nylon strips. It is weather-resistant so that it can be left in the backyard for most of the year.

It is reasonably easy to set-up and can be lifted and moved around by simply removing the ground stakes when the lawn of the backyard needs mowing.

The most significant advantage that this goal has compared to other models is its price. It is much cheaper than some alternatives that are on the market and can be afforded by just about anybody.

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